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श्रमिक (Shramik) is a Nepali word which means Labourer, Labour, Worker or Workman whereas संजाल(Sanjal) is a Nepali word which means Network. श्रमिक संजाल (Shramik Sanjal), therefore, means a Workers’ Network or a network of workers.

Shramik Sanjal is the voice for the dignity and fairness for the millions of Nepali migrant workers, most of whom are low-income migrant workers in Gulf countries and Malaysia.

Founded in 2016, Shramik Sanjal works for the respect, recognition in inclusion in Labour migration. SS has 25 robust chapters in GCC and Malaysia. In 2018, we launched our membership which provides benefits, training, and community to migrant workers in abroad.

This network focuses on –
recognizing the migrant workers’ voice and perspectives as a central part of conversations about migration
organizing migrant workers to advocate for the stronger laws, demanding higher capacity in the Nepali embassies.

Together, we have the power to demand, and we have the ability to change. We are the migrant workers. We see the enthusiasm to fight for our dignity and justice.