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Why join?

This network provides a new opportunity for migrant workers across the Gulf and Malaysia to have their voices be heard, and to be at the forefront of change.  The network connects workers in destination countries to one another to help them understand how Nepali laws, policies, regulations or decisions affect them, and to directly work with leading journalists and activists in Nepal to push for change.  Through the chapter structure, the network will allow low-wage workers who otherwise would have no connection to the political elite in Kathmandu, to raise their concerns and have them amplified by journalists, and activists.


One related to the number of workers reached by the network, and the other related to legislative change occurring in Nepal.  As the number of members in the Gulf and Malaysia continues to increase each month, by the end of 2017, we anticipate the network to have at least 50 members across these seven destination countries. In 2018, the network plans to create local chapters led by these 50 members.  The current target is to establish 25 chapters across the Gulf and Malaysia by the end of 2018, reaching at least 125 workers.

Legislatively, the ultimate path to scale is for this network to push for passage and effective implementation of laws that protect all Nepali migrant workers, and ultimately to secure the absentee vote, which will enshrine their ability to voice their opinions to the Nepal government.